OUR CINEMA CHAT! The ONLY chatbox that's ALL movies!

The Rules! Please read carefully! 1. No discussion that does not pertain to film. 2. No naughty usernames! 3. If it isn't about movies, we don't want to hear it! 4. No plagiarism of other people's movie reviews and or factoids. 4. Talk about your favorite movies! 5. No use of the a-s-s, s-h-i-t, p-i-s-s, c-u-n-t, f-u-c-k, f-a-r-t, b-i-t-c-h, h-o-e, c-o-c-k-s-u-c-k words!This is a family friendly server! 6. Do NOT link to streaming, torrent, or "Warez" sites, illegally watching movies is illegal. 7. Try to keep the conversation pertaining to what is important, your favorite films! 8. Do not discuss or link to other movie chatboxes, ESPECIALLY the one ran by those pothead degenerates that said I have scabies! 9. Keep it to movies, please. 10. ALL movies are accepted hear! Don't go bananas if you don't like monkey movies, or Tim Burton movies. Tim Burton is one of my favorite actors of all time. 11.If it isn't movies, I don't want to hear it! 12. No pretzels 13. If you would like to help out the server, e-mail a ChanOp application to bigtimeblockbusters@aol.com.