I usually like to keep it to movies, but some of my fans have been e-mailing me questions about my personal life, so I felt obliged to answer.

Q: Wassup dude? Love the factoids bro! But I wonder, what do you think of people who are too dumb to make their own webpages, so they weasel themselves into a position where they work on somebody elses pre-existing webpages instead and ruin them? -BM

A: I HATE them and hope they die!

Q: Good tidings BTB! Do you have any friends or best friends? -GL

A: I have a lot of friends... and enemies (some of which even work on this website)! I would say I am a pretty laid back, cool, and easy to get a long with guy! I probably have around 1000 friends, but I reserve my best friend slots for the best of the best! I would say my best friend is probably Amiga McCormick! We have both been through a lot together and are always there for one another when times are tough! We are like Bill and Ted, Wayne and Garth, Luke and Obi Wan, Harold and Kumar, Riggs and Murtaugh, Jay and Silent Bob, Buzz and Woody, and all the rest of the iconic movie best friends!

Q: Hey Barry! Long time fan of your movie reviews and factoids. But I always wondered, what are your political beliefs? Thank you for everything you do for the movie community! ~PJ

A: Well, I don't like to get involved in politics much at all, to be frank. That being said, there have been some great political movies. And many people don't know this but politics can have an impact on the kind of movies people make! In my opinion, the whole left and right thing is silly. I think it would be better if everyone met in the middle. That is why I think George Bush and Obama should run the country together! That way both sides have equal representation, and everyone is happy!

Busch and Obama also love the movies! These great men should be back in the big boy chair! Also, they could take turns being president and vice president. They could switch every day so it is more fair!

Q: Hi there Big Time Blockbusters! What is your opionin on divorce? ~MS

A: Quite frankly I think divorce is very unfair to men. It seems like men actually have less rights than women these days! I think that men should be able to keep all of there VHS tapes when going through a difficult divorce. They're movies could be the only thing keeping them from a Miracle on 34th Street situation (except angles don't appear in real life!) Mens rights are just as impportant!